Rules & Regulations

Your place in the competition is not secured until you have paid the relevant entry fees.

In the unlikely event there are not enough entries for this event, the producers reserve the right to amalgamate, cancel or postpone the event.

Once registered, you must submit all your paperwork, music, entry fees and other requests by the deadlines given. Failure to comply by the deadline set by the producer may result in disqualification.

You must dance in the age section according to the oldest member in the group. In all sections 25% of the team is permitted to be overage by one year.

All music and dance content must be age appropriate and with no explicit language. Any music or content the producers or adjudicators deem inappropriate and may result in penalty points.

The producers are not responsible for any injury caused whilst performing your act. Dangerous stunts, acrobatics, gymnastics, lifts, etc., are permitted but this is done at the performer’s own risk.

Every routine is subject to conformity with our risk assessment. If the producer believes that a routine poses unmanageable risk to any performers, the producer reserves the right to cease the performance.

The use of talcum powder, glitter or any other substance that may prejudice the safety of the stage is prohibited without prior consent from the producer.

The producer should be notified of the use of any props prior to the event.

All dancers must be members of Dance iDDEntity and their membership card must be carried with them at all times for safeguarding purposes and in case proof of age is requested on the day. Failure to provide proof of age may result in disqualification. Membership cards will be distributed either on or before the day of the event.

All minors must be chaperoned by registered chaperones and you must agree to abide by the local LEA legislation. For those unfamiliar with the child performance regulations you will be guided by the producer to ensure you comply with the relevant legislation.

Photography, videography or the recording of any kind is strictly prohibited at all events.

The producer reserves the right to change, remove, amend or update the rules and regulations at any time.