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That's Showbiz is the UK's biggest and most loved group dance competition, produced by Dance Design Events.

That's Showbiz has gotten so big we now host two types of Showbiz competitions:

That's Showbiz - Main Season

Welcome to the brand new season of That’s Showbiz! Here at Dance Design Events, we love to be innovative and as we continually strive to enhance the inclusivity and fairness of our competition, we are thrilled to announce a big shake up to this year's format! In our commitment to providing opportunities to all dance enthusiasts of all abilities, we have reconsidered the structure of the competition. This year, we have decided to replace the traditional heats with a more dynamic and inclusive qualification system. We understand it can be hard to commit to both Semi Finals & a Grand Final and so instead of progressing through Heats to reach the Semi Finals, your school will now experience Qualifiers. At the Qualifiers, our esteemed panel of judges will be adjudicating in the usual Showbiz style and will assign the appropriate Grand Final level for each qualifying routine. We are introducing three distinct levels to ensure that the routines that make it through Qualifiers experience a balanced yet competitive atmosphere.

The three Finals are called:

Prestige | Elevate | Spotlight

That's Showbiz: The Experience

We now also host That's Showbiz: The Experience - all of the Showbiz magic in special one off events, where WINNERS ARE CROWNED AT EACH EVENT!!! Yes, you read that right, you need to bring your 'A' game, no second chances at Qualifiers or Finals with the Showbiz Experience.

That's Showbiz hosts for all ages, genres and group sizes start from a minimum number of five dancers. The competition is dedicated to groups only and the events are held in theatre style settings hosted by a professional compère, meaning that not only do the dancers get to compete, but also gain experience of performing on some of the UK's most iconic stages in front of an attentive audience. At Dance Design Events we believe that; in this ever evolving art we should keep traditional styles of dancing alive whilst embracing new styles of dance, hence why we offer lots of prizes so that everyone is awarded for what they do best. From Ballet to Break-dancing every style is appreciated and rewarded in its own right.

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All of the DDE staff are so lovely and supportive. The organisation is incredible. It really is such a fun, friendly environment that you provide and what it has done for my students' confidence in the past year is just amazing. They really have grown into performers by doing That's Showbiz


"We had so much fun and the workshops were also great - our dancers really loved them! Thank you so much for such a brilliant event and good luck to all at the finals!

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